5th Grade Auction Project –

Leave Your Heart at Frostwood


Submission Deadline November 17th
Hello 5th Grade Parents!  
We are gearing up to create the Class of 2022's 5th Grade Auction Project - Leave Your Heart at Frostwood. The project is a photo mosaic of current 5th grade students that is an annual tradition at FWE! Each family is asked to submit up to 10 photos of your child during their elementary school years. The photos will be roughly the size of the postage stamp on the finished projects. The project will be up for bid at the Frostwood Auction on February 5, 2022 while one will also be hung at the school in the 5th grade hallway. An example from previous years has been included below.
Here is what you need to do:

1.   Submit anywhere from 3 to 10 photos of your 5th grader. Self portraits are best but can be in any setting (with family members, friends or pets). The best pictures are headshots because if they are far away it will be hard to see them since each picture is so small!  (note: that infant and toddler photos will not be accepted.  )


2.  Please submit them in JPEG format.  (FYI- Photos from your iPhone are in JPEG format.) If you need to convert  to JPEG from another format, please contact me prior to submission.  I am very happy to help you if you need help with this conversion! 


3.  Send your photos to the fweheartproject2022@gmail.com.  This is an email I set up specific for this so that all photos will be received and not lost.  (Please make sure to send them there and not to my personal email or phone number.)  


4.   Please include your child (or children) names first and last names in the email.  Labeling your photos would be even better if possible. If you can label please do it in the following format:  Smith, John 1, Smith, John 2, etc. I believe if you label them it would need to be done on your computer or you can put it the photo description if on a mobile device. 


5.   Deadline for photo submissions is Wednesday, November 17, 2021.

If you have any questions regarding photo submissions, please email Marcia Edmonds at marcia.edmonds@gmail.com and CC:  fweheartproject2022@gmail.com 



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