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5/3/2022 9:07 am


In previous years at Frostwood, we have ordered Spirit Wear in August. This will NOT be the case this coming year!


We are SWITCHING this year to ordering in MAY and it will be AWESOME! 






By ORDERING NOW, your child will have their NEW SCHOOL MERCHANDISE on their desks in August and they can enjoy wearing their spirit wear items all year long! Frostwood Families this is your only chance. There will be a few items on hold for new families, but that does not include you. 


Existing FWE Families MUST ORDER NOW!



Go to the FWE STORE!




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School Supplies

5/3/2022 8:59 am



It's time to start thinking about next school year! School supplies have been curated by your teachers and are ready to be ordered. 

Ordering is simple, just click the link https://www.educationalproducts.com/ShopPacks and add our school code FRO001  (3 letters/3 numbers). 


Supplies will be waiting on your child's desk the first day of school. Remember to choose the grade your child will be in for the 2022-2023 school year. Orders are due Monday, May, 30th.


More Information HERE.


Questions or just need help, reach out to Elizabeth Canfield at elizabethscanfield@gmail.com or 713-410-9522.


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AUCTION 2022-2023

5/2/2022 8:28 pm


February 11th at Lakeside Country Club

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5th Grade

5/2/2022 3:28 pm

5th Grade Updates & Information

Check out what is going on in 5th Grade HERE on the website. 

5th Grade has its own section just on the left of the webpage. 

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PTA President Message

5/2/2022 3:21 pm


To our fabulous PTA ~

Thank you so much for such an incredible year together!  It has been so rewarding to walk alongside the teachers and staff at Frostwood to serve our kids and community. Every event was so special and such a success. I appreciate all the volunteers who answered the text, email or call to serve and am so thankful for the countless hours you put into the jobs to make them memorable (not only for your own kids, but for all of ours). Many of you even volunteered for things you had never been to before due to our time off from school. It was fun to fully witness “it takes a village” at work this entire year and it has been amazing to be a part of it.
Happy summer to everyone!
Becky Fenn and the entire ’21-'22 Exec team
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Summer Reading Challenge

5/2/2022 3:04 pm




We have our annual Facebook Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt that is going on throughout the summer.  Simply join the group, take photos of you/your children reading in the different areas listed in the Announcements Post and then post them along with a short description. Join in on the reading fun! Prizes will be awarded to those who participated when we return in the fall.  This is a private page for our Frostwood families only.


Frostwood Facebook Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt






However, if Facebook isn’t your thing there’s another way to participate in Summer Reading. No more summer reading logs to keep up with!  This year in a district wide effort, we have created a webpage with many of the summer reading resources you can take advantage of and even double and triple dip for prizes.  


SBISD Summer Reading Website






2022 Summer Reading Challenge Beanstack


Keep track of all your minutes using Beanstack, which can be found on Clever or you can download the app to your tablet/ipad/phone. No reading log to keep up with!  Just log in using your school credentials. Starting reading and logging those minutes.  Prizes will also be awarded to those who participated by logging their minutes on Beanstack when we return in the fall.  


It is super user-friendly and we look forward to seeing all our fantastic Frostwood readers and what they are enjoying over the summer months! Even though the blank in the app says to enter the “student number”, it’s the student’s username or 533 (LLLLLFFF###) then the birthdate for password.



If you have questions, please contact Heather Bothe 



Heather Bothe





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New Assistant Principal

5/1/2022 8:42 am




Hi Tiger Families!


I am pleased to announce that our next Assistant Principal has been selected by our Frostwood CIT and approved by Dr. Blaine and the SBISD Board of Trustees at last night’s board meeting. Our new AP will be LeeAnn Berk, who will take Dr. Kim Coolidge’s position following her retirement at the end of this school year. A letter from Ms. Berk is attached.  She comes to us with vast experience in both elementary and secondary, general education and special education, and administrative experience. 


I want to thank our CIT for their time and thoughtful input on this important recommendation. I want to thank Dr. Coolidge for her service and leadership to Frostwood. While we are excited for her next adventures, it is a bittersweet “See you later” for us!   


We are thrilled to welcome LeeAnn to the Frostwood family and I look forward to you all meeting her!

Hillary Hiler


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4/1/2022 9:02 am

Frostwood announces the Retirement of 

Dr. Kimberly Coolidge & Mrs. Susan Leger. 

We are so excited for them,

but also sad to see them go!




Kimberly Coolidge

Dr. Coolidge has been in SBISD for 28 years. She started and is now ending at Frostwood. She has worked at MWE, MDE, BHE, and RCE. She also taught summer school at TWE, WWE and SBE. She’s been everywhere! We are so glad Dr. Coolidge returned to Frostwood for her final years prior to retiring. We will miss your presence and positive impact on the Frostwood campus! We will miss you Dr. Cool! May the Force be with you!





Susan Leger


Mrs. Leger has taught for 28 years and 22 of them have been at Frostwood! Prior to that, she taught at Poe Elementary and St. Jerome’s for 3 years each. She is a beloved Frostwood teacher that in addition to being a great educator, has offered many hugs when needed to students and parents as they started their FWE journey. We will miss her in so many ways! We all know that sound of her reassuring voice MCing the Kinder Talent Show and her loud & joyful voice leading the 100 Day Parade, Hey!  We will miss you Mrs. Leger!




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Character Strong - Purposeful People

8/25/2021 4:04 pm

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5th Grade Updates

Check out all that is going on in 5th Grade 

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