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Frostwood has a long history in our community.  It originally opened it's doors in 1960.  In 2010, we celebrated our 50th anniversary.  In 2014, the new Frostwood Elementary opened and now in our newly built school, we serve about 780+ students in grades Kindergarten through 5th.   Josephine Price was Frostwood's first principal in 1960.  The tiger etched on the side of the new building is named Tidwell the Tiger, our school's longtime mascot.


Today, the Frostwood Elementary community and family continue to support a state of the art school that will meet and exceed the hopes and dreams we have for our future leaders. It is the dedication to that dream that has made Frostwood Elementary the top rated institution it is today and we owe all the successes to our community and families.


Frostwood Elementary is so much more than a school to our community. It is a venue for weekend birthday parties, an exercise area, a meeting place for friends, and a constant in a world of inconsistency.  Wherever our tigers go they take the true heart of Frostwood with them and that is the community, the family, and the excellence.





Our mission is to encourage successful, creative learners who are equipped socially, academically, morally, and technologically to meet the challenges of the 21st century in a safe and cooperative learning environment.





All Frostwood staff members will continue to embrace the rich diversity in and around our school, encourage higher level thinking, engage creativity and problem solving, and ensure academic and social preparedness.





Every Child
We put students at the heart of everything we do.


Collective Greatness
We, as a community, leverage our individual strengths to reach challenging goals.


Collaborative Spirit
We believe in each other and find joy in our work.


Limitless Curiosity
We never stop learning and growing.


Moral Compass
We are guided by strong character, ethics and integrity.






Cool Tigers do the right thing, because IT IS the right thing to do.







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