Frostwood School Songs


Frostwood FAMILY


 Frostwood, Frostwood, we love you so!
Friendship bound we are to help each other grow.
Strong in spirit, both in sunshine and rain.
Oh Frostwood, dear to us you shall remain.
Learning, growing, love is all around.
Beauty, truth, and happiness abound.
Tigers bold are we, the best in the land!
Purple, white for loyalty our colors stand.
Each year brings to us a sweet memory.
Together, we're the Frostwood family!
Frostwood is where our hearts will always be.



I am an active listener,
truthful at all times,
doing my personal best,
treating others as I would like to be treated,
no put downs and
doing my part to keep Frostwood safe and clean.



Frostwood motto


Cool Tigers do the right thing, because IT IS the right thing to do.




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Calling all 5th Graders

February 19th - 21st, 2022 - 5th Grade Williamsburg Trip

You WON'T want to miss!  

Registration Deadline 9/30/2021


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