Volunteer at the Library!

Sign up to volunteer at the library during your child's scheduled class time in the library! See the Signup Genius links below for each grade. 


Kindergarten Library: Fourth 9 Weeks
1st Grade Library: Fourth 9 Weeks

2nd Grade Library: Fourth 9 Weeks
3rd Grade Library: Fourth 9 Weeks
4th Grade Library: Fourth 9 Weeks
5th Grade Library: Fourth 9 Weeks
PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to work a shift you've signed up for, please remove yourself from the sign up. If it is fewer than 48 hours prior to your shift, it will be your responsibility to find a replacement or "swap" with another volunteer.

Friendly Reminders for Library Volunteers

As we approach the final 9 weeks of the school year, we’d like to revisit a few key points to ensure everything runs smoothly when volunteering in the Library.

  • Checking in, shelving and checking out books are our main responsibilities as Library volunteers. Please come to your shift prepared to complete these tasks. 
  • Please check in and shelve all books during the lesson time. If you are unable to finish shelving before check out begins, please plan to stay after your shift to finish, if possible. 
  • If you have questions about where books are to be shelved, please ask Mrs. Martinez or Mrs. Bothe. 
  • When checking in books, please scan them slowly TWICE. 
  • Please refrain from visiting with your child, other parents or teachers when Mrs. Bothe is giving her lessons. If you finish checking in and shelving the books before the lesson ends, please go to your station behind the desk (rather than sit at the student tables). 

Thank you to all of our dedicated Library Volunteers!


Questions? Contact Cynthia Lane cynthiaclane@hotmail.com 713-560-7448

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